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Electronic Equipment Insurance



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All risks of loss or damage to all electronic and/or electrical equipment and/ or accessories of all types and descriptions including but not limited to CPUs, Ups printers, cables, modems, software CDs; manuals, network cards; PABX system and all it’s accessories including property held on trust and/ or commission and/ or in custody and/ or control of the insured and/ or incidental to insured’s trade.


Covered Electronic Equipment: This is deemed to mean and include all devices and machines that control and direct current in order to perform certain operations and/or functions and shall include main computer servers, computer desktops, personal laptop computers, power supply control systems(ups), electronic data processing equipment, electronic information storage systems, electronic security systems, electronic communication systems, electronic cameras, audio visual electronic systems, voice broadcast systems, electronic music systems, television systems, electronic information copying systems and all electronic systems, accessories and cables as more specifically described in the Policy schedule(better here known as Electronic Data Processing Equipment) (EDPE) as per schedule the property of the insured or for which the Participant is legally responsible.  








Sum Insured (Ksh)




External Data Media (EDPS): External data media entered in the schedule inclusive of the information stored thereon, which can be directly processed in EDP systems, suffer any material loss damage. Sum Insured (Ksh)



Increased Cost of Working: Loss incurred due to material damage indemnifiable under policy gives rise to a total or partial interruption of operation of the Electronic Data Processing Equipment entered in the schedule.  

Sum Insured (Ksh)




10% of sum insured minimum Ksh. 10,000/=





: Temporary removal.

: Internal removal.

: Automatic reinstatement of loss.

: Replacement – value clause .

: Fire & explosion.

: New for old if under 3 years.

: Locked car clause.

: Theft clause.

: Transit – risks clause.

: Including flood, earthquake, impact, storm, tempest.

: Excluding wear tear or mechanical derangement

: Excluding nuclear fission, war and kindred risks

: Excluding damage recoverable under warranty

: Including riot & strikes.

: Including loss or damage due to collapse of building, subsidence or landslide.

: Terrorism exclusion.



Replacement of value