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Livestock Insurance

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1.        If there shall be any incorrect or untrue statement in the proposal herein referred to, or if the insured shall not state any material fact or circumstances at the time of proposal or afterwards or at the commencement of the risk hereunder or on any alteration or extension or renewal of this policy, or on the insured making any claim hereunder or if he shall make any false or fraudulent claim or shall fail in any particular to observe and perform the terms and conditions hereof, this policy shall be void and all premiums paid hereon shall be forfeited to the company.

  1. Every animal must be sound and in perfect health and free from any injury at the time of the proposal for insurance, or for any renewal addition or substitution and must also remain sound and be in perfect health and free from any injury at the time of payment of the premium or balance thereof.
  2. The insured shall permit any authorized representative of the company at all times to inspect the animals hereby insured and premises of the insured where the animals are stabled and the insured shall furnish any information which they may require and shall comply with all reasonable regulations and direction from time to time made given by the company
  3. All Livestock must be vaccinated according to the vaccination program outlined by the Veterinary department at prescribed times against prevailing and common diseases.
    All vaccinations need to be in compliance with state of the art practice and the necessary veterinary certificates need to be supplied to the Company.
    The Insured has to comply with all hygiene measures typically applied in Livestock farming and/or recommended by the national veterinary services.
    The Insured must limit normal access to staff involved in running the farm. In particular, he must ensure that the following rules are observed:
  4. No access for the general public, with notices to this effect clearly displayed outside the farm;
  5. Perimeter of the farm totally fenced in;
  6. The access route to the farm should be guarded and/or securely locked on a 24 hours basis;
  7. Access barriers;
  8. Site to be continuously guarded at night, weekends and public holidays.
  9. Anyone not employed at the farm itself (veterinarians, technicians, officials etc.) may not enter the stables apart from exceptional circumstances, and even then must wear plastic protective footwear supplied by the Insured.
  10. Where the Location has separate buildings, footbaths that are impossible to avoid walking through, must be located at every access for personnel working on the farm to use. The disinfectant in these footbaths must be changed at least once a week.
  11. The insured shall give immediate notice in writing to the company of any illness or lameness of or accident or injury to any animal hereby insured.
  12. The insured shall cause every animal insured to have sufficient and proper food, water, and shelter and shall keep secure all fences wards, sheds and stabling and shall at all times and to the best of his knowledge and ability, use and exercise every due and proper precaution and safeguard against loss or danger of loss under this policy, the intent and meaning of this Condition being that each insured animal shall have the same care and attention as when not insured.
  13. On the death of any animal hereby Insured the insured shall give intimation within 24 hours to the company’s office which has issued the policy and shall give the company an opportunity of inspecting the carcass. The insured shall also within fourteen days furnish the company such information, accompanied by Veterinary Certificates and satisfactory proof as to the death, identity and the value of the animal as the company may require.

Livestock covered

Insured are all animals of the bovine species which belong to the farm(s) described in the Schedule, provided they are older than 90 days.


Notwithstanding anything within the Policy contained to the contrary,it is hereby understood and agreed that the indemnity granted by this Policy shall automatically cover additional animals with effect from the date of acquisition provided that notice of such addition be advised by the Insured within seven (7) days of the date of such addition and the appropriate additional premium, pro-rated until expiry shall become payable accordingly.

Changes in herd size / underinsurance

The Insured is obliged to inform the Company of any changes in numbers of the Livestock covered exceeding 5 % of total number of animals per farm. The right to reduce any compensation in the event of underinsurance is reserved.

Post mortem examination

The Insured shall, at his own expense, procure immediate post mortem reports from the available veterinary services or other qualified veterinary personnel agreed upon by the Company. In cases where immediate post mortem service is not available, the Insured shall take immediate steps to conserve the carcass unless the Company gives prior agreement to dispose of the carcass.


The Insured shall dispose of the salvage [to the best advantage] or [according to the Company’s instructions] and the amount realized shall belong to the Company. However, the Insured shall take all reasonable measures to avoid or minimize the loss.

Sale, mortgage, lien or charge

Unless expressly described as such in this Policy or by endorsement hereon, no sum shall be payable hereunder by way of indemnity, compensation or otherwise in respect of any Livestock which, during the currency of the period of insurance stated in the Schedule:

a)                  The Insured sells or otherwise parts with any interest hereon, whether temporarily or        permanently or

b)                  Is subject to any mortgage, instrument by way of security, lien or charge or is held (whether by the Insured or by any other person whatsoever) on trust, hire or commission.

Provided however that the Policy will continue to insure a sold stock of Livestock remaining inside the Insured premises, which is awaiting delivery to the buyer. It is however a condition that such stock is kept under the same good management practice as any unsold stock.

The basic premium and the level of premium payable at the start of the insurance is 100 % of the base premium. The premium for subsequent insurance years takes account of any claims made and is adjusted annually.

If no claims leading to indemnification have been made in the insurance period, the insured is entitled to pay a lower level of premium for the next year of insurance unless he is already on the lowest level.

If one or more claims resulting in indemnification are made during the insurance period, this will result in an increase of the existing premium by one level for the following year of insurance, with the highest level as maximum.

If the loss occurs in the time between making the application and the start of the insurance, account will be taken of this fact by means of a further adjustment in the premium.

No change in premium will be made in the following cases:

– If the claim proves not to be covered;

– If the claim is less than the amount of the respective deductible.


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  • Number of livestock in each category
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