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Poultry Insurance

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If any poultry bird/s described in the schedule and belonging to the Participant shall die whilst within the geographical area specified in the schedule from any disease or accident contracted or occurring after the commencement of the companies liability hereunder then the company will pay or make good to the Participant, after receipt of proof of death satisfactory to the company, the loss which the Participant shall suffer by the death of such birds not exceeding the sum covered in respect thereof as stated in the schedule hereto or its value as per the guideline chart issued by the company at the time of loss whichever is less.


The policy covers against death of birds due to accidents caused by fire, lightning, flood, cyclone, strike, riot, civil commotion, terrorism, earthquake, and disease contracted during the policy period, subject to policy exclusions, terms and conditions applicable.




For the purposes of this policy, indemnity shall be provided subject to the following definitions and features of the cover:-


1)       Poultry: Poultry refers to Poultry units consisting of chicks/ hens/ cocks /ducks, Turkeys, Quails and such other domesticated birds’ reared for eggs and/or meat.


It includes:-


(a) layer birds

(b) Broilers

(c) Hatchery birds (Breeding Stock).


For the insurance purpose, Exotic bird means that whose parents are of foreign breed either born in the country or abroad. A crossbred bird means one, of whose parents, is of foreign breed.

2)       Applicability:

(a) All birds in the farm should be covered.

(b) The Scheme is applicable to Poultry farms which consist of minimum number of:-

(i)    Layer birds

(ii)   Broilers per batch

(iii)                 Breeding birds in Hatchery


3)       Age: Applicable age shall be as follows:-

Layer birds – 1 day old to 72 weeks

Broilers – 1 day old to 8 weeks

Hatchery Birds – 1 day old to 72 weeks


4)       Premium Rates: Rates shall be fixed per bird for each of the following groups according to each market’s conditions, mortality experience and facility of prompt veterinary services:-

(i) Layer birds

1 day old to 20 weeks

20 weeks to 72 weeks


(ii) Broilers

1 day old to 8 weeks per batch or per annum


(iii) Hatchery

1 day old to 72 weeks


(Extra premium to be charged for every additional increase than the maximum value fixed for the bird.)


5)       Sum Covered Per Bird: The market value of birds varies from breed to breed, from area to area and from time to time. Guideline valuation chart should be mapped out to be approved and attached for fixing the maximum sum insured per bird and to be the base of settling claims afterwards either for the Layers, for the Broilers or for the Hatchery Birds.


6)       Veterinary Examination:


(a) A Veterinary Certificate from a qualified Veterinarian showing the following details is necessary for acceptance of risk:-


a)       Type of Birds

b)       Age of Birds

c)        Details regarding housing, light, ventilation, temperature, insulation, floor, feeds, water, sanitation etc.

d)       Vaccination and inoculation particulars.

e)       Debeaking

f)        Condition of health

g)       Type and source of feed

h)       Details of equipments

i)         Details of management/staff

j)         Veterinary assistance

Mortality rate with reasons for last 2 or 3 years